Welcome to our new website!

Finally we were able to spend some time with the redesign of the page and added new stuff that we wanted to share with everyone. We hope you like the new look and the responsive layout which makes the site easily readable from any device.

Now we will go into detail about the things you can find in each section.


Here you will find the latest news and content made by the Asthree team, including recent dev diaries and every update posted on Kickstarter. Our intention is to show the development process so everyone can follow the journey of making a video game and all the ins and outs behind it. You can also share the topic that you like in your social pages or ask us anything in the box of the right column.


This section displays all the information related to Paradise Lost, including gameplay videos and images. You can also check the main character bios and take a look to the game features.


The new store shows the different tiers available through Humble and a sneak peak to the physical rewards that we will add in the future.


Who is behind Paradise Lost: First Contact? If you want to know more about the people of Asthree Works and their concerns you can check out this page. PS: maybe it sounds weird, but there’s a dog and a plant involved.


Let us know what you think about Paradise Lost or anything that goes through your mind. All comments, suggestions and complaints are welcome. Your feedback is important to us.


If you work at press and want to know more about the studio or need high quality images, logos or videos this is your place. For any other issue go to the previous section!


And essentially this is our new web. We hope that you find everything easy to use and come to visit us from time to time :)