Asthree works team

Enol Martinez - Designer Art

Enol Martínez

Design | Art | Animation

“I grew up drawing adventures set in the games I played at the local arcade, fascinated with the beautiful sprites of classics like King of Fighters and Midnight Wanderers.
Since then I’ve dedicated myself to become a graphic designer and animator, and those passions led me to the fantastic world of game development.”

Sigrid Chánobas - Design Writer

Sigrid Chánobas

Design | Storytelling

“When I was young I fell in love with the stories and fantasy of the series and movies of that time, and wanted to translate those feelings into my own stories. I want to take this experiences into the world of videogames, because I think it is a great medium for personal and artistic expression.”

Carlos Mangas - Programming

Carlos G. Mangas


“I always remember how I felt the first time I played classics like Mega Man or Zelda, excited until the point I became really obssesed with the idea of making games and make everyone feel the same about them as I do. After playing with some ideas I decided to learn coding and nowadays I’m a game developer in love with good design and gameplay.”

Pablo Garmón - music

Pablo J. Garmón

Music & FX

“I started making music at the same time that I started writing and imagining journeys, and for the very same reason: to tell stories. Since then I have written music for theatre plays, documentaries, short films and now videogames.
In short, my goal at Asthree is simple: to make music that is worthy of your time.”

April - CEO



“I luv food, strong scent’s things, farting sounds, the sleeping time and look at people with my staring eyes.”

Subject W

Subject W

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