Starr Mazer crossover!

Hello everyone! We are back with an express update to announce our new crossover with the incredible Starr Mazer from Imagos Softworks.

Starr Mazer Promotional Poster Kickstarter Imagos Software


There aren’t many projects that show the pixel art detail and animation like this one. But not only the graphics looks good, the original mix of shump + graphic adventure and the attention to detail in the scenes… all in this game looks from other planet. Surely many of you have seen the project, but if you didn’t knew about it go check out their campaign.

We made a quick design about its main character inside the G.E.R. offices playing to Starr Mazer in the sly. Hope you like it  :D

Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game Kickstarter Crossover Starr Mazer

PS: We are hard at work and made some GREAT improvements (don’t worry, they didn’t take us so much extra time haha) so we’ll make an update soon with new stuff :)