You ready? Hyper Light Drifter – Paradise Lost crossover!!!
  • 11/20/2013
  • art

“Meanwhile at the Bioarma area, a group of engineers have developed a new armor, the Drifter, connected to a high tech helmet that expands the reflects and abilities of the user within an exoskeleton. But during the tests with humans something went wrong, and the armor gets damaged by an overload of hyper light energy flux. Now the Drifter is out of control and hunting every live being on it’s path”

Yes, it’s for real! This is the way you will find “The Drifter”, a new easter egg boss in Paradise Lost. We teamed-up with Heart Machine, developer of Hyper Light Drifter, working together to include cameos in both games. Want to discover how Subject W looks in HLD’s world? Check out Hyper Light’s Kickstarter page to know more!

Hyper Light Drifter Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Crossover Asthree Works Game

Lightning dash!

Hope you all like this surprise. This and Octodad’s skin will be added as free content for everyone who has a copy of the game  ;)