IT’S OVER 9000!!! Release platforms, Steam keys, developing and more


The main reason for doing this update was to make the animation of Dragon Ball according to the money raised. With this said, let’s talk about the important stuff.


Some of you are asking about releasing the game on Xbox but it depends on the demand of the gamers and the resources at the end of the campaign. We are open minded to develop in more platforms.

3DS it’s the other console that you asked us about, but if we make this version we wanted to do it right and use the resources of this platform, adapting controls and use of the touch screen.

We’ll keep you informed about this issues.

Steam keys

We will provide Steam Keys (if we make it on Greenlight, so vote for us!) to every tier you paid for and also give a free DRM copy of the game.

Development process and experience

We received questions about our experience in the game industry. We are a small group of people that until now only made games as a hobby, but we finally quit our jobs to fully commit this development. Besides that we have years of experience in different fields, working for important companies like Warner Bros and others. We know that it’s difficult to convince the gamer community about our professional skills, but we assure you that we’ll do our best to make an awesome game.


Thanks to all of you for your kind words and stay tuned to see more about Paradise Lost  ;)

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