Asthree Works
Based in Asturias, Spain

Founding date:

April, 2013



Press / Business Contact:




In development:

Paradise Lost: First Contact


Asthree Works is a Spanish independent game studio founded by Enol Martínez and Sigrid Chánobas, focused on immersive storytelling and top notch art detail.


Early history
Asthree Works was founded in 2013 by Enol Martínez and Sigrid Chánobas, two graphic designers passionate about videogames who wanted to tell thrilling stories through art and animation.

They teamed up along the musician Pablo J. Garmón and a programmer to develop ‘Paradise Lost: First Contact’ a pixel art stealth adventure. Sigrid and Enol started the design of the game on the spare time outside their jobs, but by mid-2013 they both left their careers to fully devote to the game.
With no resources, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, becoming the most successful Spanish videogame on the platform to date.

Recent events
After a year of ups and downs in the development of the project, in the fall of 2014 the team separated from their programmer resulting on the lost of the game’s script.
In November they hired a new coder, Carlos G. Mangas, who made a great progress with this issue and added big improvements to the game’s core and behavior.

Videos and Images

Subject W landing on earth

James Warren meets the alien plant

Sneaking in the offices

Della picture discovered!

First day at G.E.R.

Distracting the guards


Spore attack

Shield skill against guards

Decoy skill to solve a puzzle

Platforming the flooded facility

Battle against a mecha armour!


Selected Articles

“Play As A Truly “Alien” Alien In Paradise Lost: First Contact”
– Nathan Grayson, Rock Paper Shotgun

“Paradise Lost: First Contact mixes platforming, stealth, alien plant life”
– Dave Tach, Polygon

“A Game Where You Are The Terrifying Alien That Soldiers Want To Kill”
– Patricia Hernandez, Kotaku

Team & work

Enol Martínez
Lead Design & Art / Animation

Sigrid Chánobas
Narrative Design

Carlos G. Mangas

Pablo J. Garmón
Music & Fx