Paradise on Wii U, new stretch goals and… multiplayer!!?

You want it? You got it! We are going to develop Paradise Lost: First Contact on Wii U!

After some time thinking about it, we listened you and we have decided to bring Paradise Lost to Nintendo. We are making a huge effort with this but you deserve it!

The point is, we can’t promise you that this version will be released the same day as the PC one. That’s why we are changing our stretch goals! So, we dropped the Wii U goal until $230,000 to make possible this release the same day as the rest of versions.

$15 tier!

You will see that there is a new $15 tier. This is for new backers only, you don’t have to change your tier if you don’t want. Every pledge from $15 (included) will have a chance to choose between PC and console version (we’ll send you a survey). Same thing happens from $40 (included) to the copy for a friend. So:

– Pledge $15 or more: choose PC or console (don’t need to change your tier).
– Pledge $40 or more: choose PC or console for the copy for a friend too.

If you want more console copies, add $15 to your pledge for each one (it’s also at the add-ons section).

Note: if you have a $9 or 12$ tier and you pledge extra for an addon, this will not include choose between versions.

Multiplayer mode

Well, as we said we listen to your feedback so now you have a new stretch goal for a multiplayer coop outside the main story. We are still working on it but it will have some survival modes to play with your friends. Keep an eye on the next updates to know more about it!

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