Paradise Lost of the middle age!
  • 06/09/2014
  • art

This time we have a special update to show you the new partnership we’re doing with our friends of We do Stuff, who created ​​this funny illustration of Paradise Lost.

The drawing its one of the four pieces of art made by different artists, included in the collection of postcards for those backers who have donated more than $60 (Exodus and beyond).

And if you like this particular style, don’t waste any time and check out the fantastic project of Pop Middle ages, a print-series based on retro popular culture.

Pop Middle Ages Kickstarter Postcard Cross Promo

They are detailed A4 prints available both B&W and color, showing some of the greatest series of the 90’s such as TMNT or He-Man with a cool edgy medieval style.

And they also have a collection of prints with indie games including Shovel Knight & Awesomenauts among others (with the collaboration of new great artist).

Pop Middle Ages Kickstarter Postcards Cross Promo 2


If you didn’t pledge for the collection of postcards in our project, you could contact them to get it.

Hope you like this project and help them a little bit so they can make it through Kickstarter and keep an eye in other interesting projects in other sections like art or design… you could have many surprises.