Paradise Lost is more than funded! Thanks to all of you!
  • 12/01/2013
  • art

This is the end of the road! Paradise Lost has reached the 207% of its goal raising $144,960 thanks to our fantastic 5,953 backers (plus another 58 from Humble Bundle) , so you people have our most sincere gratitude for joining us in this exciting campaign. And yes! What you see in the image is what we’re going to do with your money!!!! (it’s a joke, please don’t take it seriously).

We will continue getting funds to reach more financing through our Paypal site, so if you missed the KS campaign, you want to purchase the humble packs or simply prefer the Paypal option is up to you. All the funding reached until December 31 will be added to our current amount. Who knows, maybe we can hit more stretch goals!!! ;)

Graphic improvements? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT WILL BE!!!

Don’t worry about it! We almost reached the necessary quantity to make this possible to polish little more the animations and add new effects to our current graphics!!! if you want more info about the things we want to do (if everything goes right) check out this. Some of you asked us worried about the change of the overall appearance but don’t panic, everything will be perfectly pixelated just as it is.

We’ll have more info coming on next updates, but for now it’s time to have a little break (not so much as the characters), set things up and start this amazing adventure. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for make Paradise Lost a reality!