One year on earth!

Hello everyone, Enol at the talk. It’s been a complete orbital period around the sun since Subject W appeared on Kickstarter, and a lot of things happened with Paradise Lost. The project started with a very ambitious idea and a group of friends that wanted to leave their jobs in order to create something fresh and unique in the genre, seeking help through this wonderful community. Although having a horrible schedule for the campaign coinciding with the release of new consoles and thanksgiving inter alia, a lot of people embarked with us on this journey, helping to reach the double of the initial funding goal.

Thanks to every single one of you we have not only been able to create the game that we dreamed of, but mold it into something even better and more complex. You gave us the possibility to go one step further in every aspect, from graphics to animations and mechanics, but that also came with a price.

We were a little naive about the milestones and timing. The remade and polishing of things took us twice as expected, in addition to the complications appeared through the development process. We have no previous experience in the industry and every day we learn the hard way how things work. Time passed by and we felt overwhelmed by the circumstances, running out of time to have the game on date and coming to its inevitable delay.

Besides that, all of you were extremely comprehensive, understanding that we needed that extra time to give you the best experience we can make. This support gave us new strength to work even harder on the project… unfortunately, last month a new setback appeared in the way.

Casualties Goodbye Team Asthree Works Paradise Lost First Contact Game For both personal and professional reasons, Sigrid and I separated from the game’s programmer, Fran. Despite the fact of taking different ways, we wish him the best of lucks with his future projects, and for us it’s time to set things up and reassemble to put the engine in motion again. If some of you are concerned about any change in the final result, stay calm… the story, gameplay and basically the “core” of Paradise Lost stays intact.

Same look and feel but different guts.

I also wanted to talk about a concern that some of you have, and it’s the lack of more regular updates. Sometimes its really difficult for us to stand the pace with this matter, even more if you spend almost 12 hours a day making the game and English isn’t your first language. Anyway we can’t give you more excuses, we owe you at least posting more often even if there are little crumbs proving that we’re still alive. The future devlog will help on this task too, keeping people informed about the curious things that happen during the development with art, videos and design tips.

Btw, we opened an Ask account where you can give us your thoughts and opinions about everything. Questions can take a little to be responded, but we leave no one unanswered.

And with all things said here’s another sneak peak of the game’s design, focusing this time in the background’s evolution.

From 70’s to modern days

Old GER Labs Paradise Lost First Contact Kickstarter Concept  Asthree Works Game

This is the first take we had on the main lab where the plant it’s held captive. It’s funny to look back at this and think at the moment that it was almost perfect. Now it seems too much retro and flat… with no volume at all and a total lack of contrast, haha.

Trailer GER Labs Paradise Lost First Contact Kickstarter Concept  Asthree Works Game

Then I started to imbue the stage with a more actual look, working on the tech and keeping an eye in the harmony of the colors. Objects where also polished or remade with new proportions. This is how it was when we started to test the cutscenes.

New GER Labs Paradise Lost First Contact Kickstarter Concept  Asthree Works Game

Now we detailed even more the overall aspect, modifying the ceilings and air vents to focus the action on the center of the stage and give a more cinematic and intriguing look to the scene. From this point the rest of elements where redesigned for the new mechanics and needs of the game, adapting things to a more realistic scale and adding new gradients and tones to give more depth to the different layers.

We hope you look up to these changes, every single piece has been modified in order to make the game experience better, not only visual but playable.

The dashing one

New Character Irvine Clark PMC Sniper Concept Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game


We also wanted to present another main character of Paradise Lost. This time we introduce you the haughty Irvine Clark, a PMC’s sniper under Galloway’s command.

New Character Irvine Clark PMC Sniper Animation Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

His sarcastic style and manners enervate anyone near by but don’t let it fool you, he is one of the deadliest marksman around. Avoiding close combat (he doesn’t want any scar on his beauty face) and always carrying his beloved Dragunov, Irvine can bring down any target without breaking a sweat.

Final thoughts

Some of you were asking to see new gameplay material, but with all the changes and problems that happened we are still making the necessary changes to the game’s engine. To reward all of you for the waiting, we want to give you a demo before long so you can have a deeper opinion about the game, so stay calm and be a little patience ;)

Thanks again for being so supportive and kind pals, see you around and don’t forgive to look at the stars.