New gameplay video! + Secret chapter achieved and more

Almost theeeeere! Only 24 hours left, so let’s move this a little bit and have more people knowing about the project.

And cause you deserve it, we bring you a new gameplay video! Here you can take a look on the different things you can do to face a situation… Is all up to you!

Uncover the secret! Where did W come from?

We made it! Thanks to your support we can add this new chapter to the main story, where you will know why Subject W comes to earth and discover a new part of the adventure outside the facility. Can’t wait to show you how it will look… it’s gonna be stunning!

Paradise on the waves

Enol here! I made few days ago an interview with Wes from Second Opinion Games, a well known and fantastic Podcast to talk about game development and other issues. If you want to know more about me, Asthree Works / Paradise Lost or simply laugh with my horrible English don’t miss it!

Indies loves Indies

Kickstarter Dino Run 2

First of all we must support at whatever cost Dino Run 2! If those guys didn’t make it we’ll lose our faith in the human race… and start a new one in dinosaurs. LET’S BACK!

Festival of Magic

Kickstarter Festival of Magic

Join Amon and Gnart, two explorers that will uncover the ancient mysteries of Umbra, a world that has stopped spinning and is now divided by the forces of technology and magic.

A vivid and colorful aesthetic, great characters and a touch of classic RPG combat makes this game a really great looking one.


Kickstarter Starwhal

Narwhal battles in space… Just look at this bizarre one. No comments, just go back this.


And that’s all for today. We’ll see you tomorrow at the end of the road. Thanks for stay with us!