Moves from Paradise! The animation process + indie shoot out

Today we bring you a video with the making of the run animation for Subject W. In the first plant schemes we started drawing the tentacle-roots one by one, but now with the practice most of the time they’re made in one layer. The squidy moves requires TONS of hours of octopus documentaries (no joke).

One of the keys to create a fluid and cohesive animation is taking control of the sprites speed and the use of the onion skin option (or alpha layers) where you can see the previous frame as a guide to design the new state.

To develop the anims we are using Pixen for Mac. It’s a great program with user-friendly menus and commands. Not perfect and a little buggy, but it makes things easy through the animation process.

Once the sequence it’s done, sometimes we retouch a little some colors outside Pixen to make the palettes shine and add some extra effects.

Well, this is how we do the animations for Paradise Lost. If you have any question feel free to ask in the comments.

More indies!

We wanted to include a shoot out for a pair of interesting projects. Both of them didn’t ask for a lot of money so give them a push!

Elliot Quest

A cute adventure inspired in Zelda II with an enormous island to explore, intriguing puzzles and different endings depending on your decisions. You can also play the demo here.


Game description on its page: “Lisa is a side-scrolling RPG set in a post apocalyptic wasteland where women are nowhere to be found. It’s a world full of drugs, violence and the decay of human intelligence…” What else to say? On this game who bring us memories from Earthbound (in bizarre mode) you’ll have to survive and even you can give your limbs in exchange for the lives of your party members = AWESOME. Enjoy here the demo.


Just a few days left! Remember to tell everyone, we need to reach all that stretch goals!

See you!