Mark of the Plant, Plant-O-Dad and more

Hi lovely Kickstarters!

We noticed that a lot of people are saying that Paradise Lost looks like Mark of the Ninja (or even that it’s a copy).

That’s curious because none of the members of Asthree Works played MotN! But we love that they compare Paradise Lost with one of the best stealth games of the last year :)

Other guys said that Subject W has similarities with Octodad or the aliens from Metal Slug. So we thought that it will be fun to create for you some fake skins of the plant!

We love that you tell us feedback or critics so please don’t stop! That helps the game to grow and for our team it’s very very funny make this things.

Octodad Mark of the Ninja Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

We are past 60%!!!

To all our backers, you have our eternal gratitude :) We have more than a half funded, keep helping our campaign to break all the stretch goals!


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