Localization reached! + New song and signed stuff

Another goal! Now we can make a professional localization of the game to different languages. We also think that is important for you to understand why this goal is one of the firsts and the amount that we asked for.

We know that making new content would be cool for everyone and adds more value to the game, but for us is more important to reach as many players as possible so everyone can enjoy this experience.

We’ve also received literally dozens of emails with people offering to translate the game. Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the effort and don’t have a problem to work with some of you if we need it, but localization is not only “here you have the texts, translate, touch a button, export the game in Korean”. Translation has to pass from different filters to ensure its quality, add it again to the engine, check and test everything is right in every language and, finally, release it. With the help or not from the community it takes a lot of time for us.

Keep in mind that we really, really (from the bottom of our hearts) appreciate the help and the opinion of the gamers, that makes the project grow stronger. This adventure has a little piece of each and every one of you people!

All things said, we are still analyzing and thinking about the languages that are going to be included in the game. Besides from Spanish and English, the most demanded are French, Portuguese and Russian, so it’s probably for these to be included on it. Either way we’ll send you a survey at the end of the campaign about this issue (this doesn’t guarantee that PLFC will be translated to ALL petitions).

Sounds from outer space

Here we brought to you another great theme, Adagio in W, from our inhuman composer Pablo J. Garmón. Enjoy it!

Signing of physical items!

We wanted to do something that makes your pledges more exclusive, so we decided to sign all the physical artbooks and guides. Hope you like this!

Thanks for all of your support and wait for more content and cool things on the next updates ;)


PS: Special thanks for one of our first backers, Antonio García. He’s been supporting PLFC from the beginning and given us lot of advices. Thanks pal!