Let’s-a go! About Wii U dev and your loveable support!!!

Some of you have been commented that our stretch goal for Wii U is too high and even that it’s a bad habit on Kickstarter projects.

We are developing the game on Unity and this could make things easy to port it to another platforms, but we have to adapt the gameplay and do a lot of testing… and for now we don’t have time or money to do that without this stretch goal. Wii U version can offer great possibilities to the gameplay but it’s a challenge to make things work fine with Paradise Lost: First Contact.

Asthree Works is (for now) just a three member team and we tried to reduce our development costs without loose any game experience. This game it’s our little baby and we are doing our best, even if we have to sleep a little less ;)

If you want to help, tell everyone to support us!! So that we can reach the $250,000 stretch goal together :) On the other hand, we got almost 40% of the campaign in just two days… So THANK YOU!!! Guys you are awesome, we can’t thank enough for the support and the feedback from the community!

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