How are u doing backers?

Today we post this to talk about other interesting projects that are now on Kickstarter. As long as other experienced studios promoted our adventure, we think that it’s good for those campaigns that are currently on Kickstarter if we could help them raise their goals… it’s the cycle of life!


Kickstarter Crosspromo Dyscourse Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

A survival experience with bizarre characters and a original aesthetic? I’m on it!

Dyscourse it’s a new adventure that comes by the hand of Owlchemy, the crew that made Shoot many Robots and Snuggle truck, so they are a talented team that has long experience making fantastic projects.

The game provides a dynamic dialog-driven story that drifts in different ways to play it on a extensive and remote island. Also, you can enjoy other game mechanics such as sneaking, shooting and many more… all spiced with a singular artistic style.

Don’t miss it guys, it’s gonna be awesome.

The Escapists

Kickstarter Crosspromo The Escapists Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

One of our first backers and game developer, Chris D, has a cool new project on the run, a game where you take the role of prisoners who devise different plans to break free.

Game features lot of things to do: crafting, combats, form bands, skills management and lot more… all in a cute retro looking style.

If we help this game a bit more, it will include a level editor so come on, let’s do a final push to make it possible.

You promised me a free game on the title! Where is it?

If you people pledge for The Escapists and Paradise Lost: First Contact, you will receive a free copy of Spud’s Quest, a funny metroidvania adventure made by Chris too.

What are you waiting for, pals? Back, back, back!!! ;D

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