Happy Holidays for everyone!!! (both plants and humans)

Hi pals, how are you doing? First of all sorry for the delay on the update, some of you probably think that we took the money and run, but we actually take a little break (really need it) and focused on solving problems of some backers with their accounts. We’re also moving to our first studio and setting things up.

About the game development we are hard at work and preparing some things to show you soon. The forum is right now in the making and we’ll tell you how to register and all that stuff.

We want to remember all of you that at the end of the month we’ll stop to add the funds of the humble packs of our web for the stretch goals, so if you couldn’t make it in time, go check out our Paradise Lost site. Either way, the Paypal options will still be available till the end of project.

Meanwhile in the Playstation matter, we are in conversations with Sony to become official PSN developers, so we’ll tell you more info about this as soon as we get something clear… don’t lose hope!!  ;)