We are Greenlit!! + Add-ons!

Paradise Lost is on Steam Greenlight

Guys we are Greenlit in just 13 days! So thanks to all of you for the votes. Now our game will be released on Steam… And you know what it means? Keys for everyone!

Remember, you will receive a Steam key with each DRM-Free copy of the game, so you can add Paradise Lost to your library.


Kickstarter Add Ons Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

For the people asking about the purchase of individual rewards, we are making a new section of add-ons in the main page.

If you are interested don’t change your tier! Just increase the amount of your pledge and we’ll send you a survey. You have to add 10$ extra for shipping outside US to the last three physical rewards (just one time if you pledge for more than one):

  • Add   5$: Digital OST
  • Add 10$: New skin with a special ability
  • Add 12$: Another copy of the game
  • Add 30$: The awesome PLFC T-shirt
  • Add 40$: Art soft book
  • Add 50$: Extended physical guide

We are close to make it kickstarters, one last effort to focus on the rest of goals!

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