GOTY is a fun card game where you compete against other players,
facing development setbacks and struggling to make the Game Of The Year.
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GOTY: Game of the Year allows you to get under the skin of a game developer, trying to survive the complex and sometimes frustrating process of making video games. As designers we thought that it would be interesting to portray the misadventures of this job in a card game through funny and unexpected situations of real-life development, giving you a different perspective of the industry.

Basic Info

  • Players: 1 to 6
  • Age: 10+
  • Game time: 30- 120 min
  • 3 Game modes: Vs – Friendly- Solo
  • Easy to play: icon based gameplay
  • Game in English – Manual in English and Spanish

What’s in the box

  • 58 development cards
  • 30 job cards
  • 12 game cards
  • 100 mini-sized asset cards
  • Game manual
  • Artbook

The cards


Game cards

Each player has one Game Card that represents the project they are working on. All of them have been designed with detailed Pixel art illustrations representing all-time classics of the game industry.

Cards Goty - pixel art card game - videogames industry

Job cards

Assemble your team by hiring (or firing) employees for each profession. Workers have a set of defenses depending on their level, but keep an eye on their cost: experienced professionals demand more coins, which means less money to invest on the rest of the team.

Do you prefer to hire a lot of unstable employees and have access to more assets or expensive ones to advance on a certain task slowly but surely?


Asset cards

Asset cards represent the progress of the tasks needed to complete a Game Card. But beware! Reaching the asset level required on a task doesn’t mean that job is finished! If you don’t have one dev-lock card or a golden employee your rivals can destroy your work!


Development cards

Dev cards give you the chance to attack other players, defend against them or boost your development.
Each player can have a maximum of 3 to create their own strategy.

How to play

how to play 1

how to play 2

To know more, you can:
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