Paradise Lost First: Contact

Paradise Lost is a 2D pixel art side scrolling adventure that focuses on a stealth-action type of play and takes elements from platformer and puzzle resolution.


In a remote desert, an unidentified object falls from the skies. A research organization known as G.E.R. has tracked and found the mysterious meteor: a capsule of organic material that brings an unknown life-form to our planet from the depths of space. Here begins the story of this impossible being, as it attempts to escape and survive on this strange, hostile world that we call home.

On this adventure you will take control of an alien plant that has been hidden in a secret bio-engineering facility. A security breach in the system allows the plant to escape from imprisonment and discover the secret purposes of the research organization that put it in a jar.




Subject W

Pacific photosynthetic life form landed on Earth and captured by the G.E.R. company for further study and experimentation. Where is it from or what is its purpose is unknown.
It has different skills like the deploy of spores or the ability to create a solid shelter to prevent its core from damage.


James Warren

This promising molecular engineer and geneticist began his work in the G.E.R. labs thanks to his previous researches and discoveries in botany.
Soon he will discover that not everything is what it seems inside the facility.


Della Hudson

Della is a world-renown journalist who sneaks into the facility to uncover the strange events that take place inside.
Famous for her controversial articles, she will do whatever it takes to reveal the truth about the G.E.R. secret experiments and real purposes.


Hans Schneider

Lead scientist in charge of the genetic engineering of the company.
Incredible smart and cold minded, this doctor made incredible yet dangerous improvements decoding and experimenting with the alien’s genetic material.


Aaron Selten

Renowned scientist in charge of the genomic research team.
Long time botany specialist and one of the heads of G.E.R., discovered doctor Warren’s studies and hired him to join his science division.


Ash Galloway

An ex military from special operations that now leads the G.E.R. security forces. Ash is a extremely lethal opponent in any range and also a great strategist.
She’s committed to stop the plant of escaping by any means necessary.


Leonard White

Promising engineer who had a tragic accident at a young age in which he lost his arm.
Since then, he’s committed to find a way to recover the sense of his hand… and the G.E.R. company will give him all the tools and funding to make it possible.


Science Team

Scientists working in the G.E.R. laboratories. They are divided in different specialties depending on their tasks:
bioengineering, DNA analisis and agent manipulation are some of their work fields.


Technology Division

They are the part of the facility specialized in the development of new bioweapons and biomedical engineering.
They have made great improvements in neural-controlled prostheses and started production of fully working devices.


G.E.R. Security Forces

Private security personnel, military trained in close combat the use of different kind of weapons.
Some of them are equipped with the latest self-defense equipment and capture tools developed by the Tech department.


Other Subjects


Game features

  • Explore a huge and complex map full of secret projects and situations that will keep you hooked
  • Enjoy a rich gameplay experience based on stealth and platforms, mixed with modern mechanics and puzzles
  • Face different ways of progressing through the getaway, using stealth and action skills unlockable during the game
  • Amazing scenes full of immersive dialogues and situations
  • Find rare items and expand your game experience collecting them
  • Epic boss battles!
  • Windows, Mac & Linux versions with Gamepad support



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