Development state and new project: GOTY

As we informed you a week ago we were working extra hours to launch a campaign for a new project and here it is. We think that transparency is key and that’s the reason we wanted you to know about this new game since day one… For us is extremely important to keep being crystal clear about all things concerning not only Paradise Lost, but all the stuff we are working on.

The story so far

Taking a look back at last year from the perspective of development, we didn’t stop fantasizing about how things would have been if we had made different choices. 2014 was going to be a major step for us. Our project obtained financing and we were able to devote to full time development and bring PLFC to life. We engaged in a work schedule that filled us and we loved it. Working on what you really like is a luxury, but nobody tells you about the sacrifices you must do to fulfill your dreams.

Communication problems and the lack of a common goal led us to rethink the initial formation of the team and so we lost a friend, colleague and partner. It was a blow, but the worst part was having to let go all the game’s code: A year of development to the trash. All our hopes were suddenly gone and having to watch how an important part of your project dissapears was pretty fucked up. We had to rise above that and continue making the game. We made a promise to all of you, and that’s not gonna change.

With the things learned and the hard work made by our programmer Carlos we were able to improve a lot of features, like AI and certains aspects of gameplay. We even managed to add stuff that we thought impossible like pixel art rotation, which became a featured asset on the Unity store.

This doesn’t mean that everything is done and lot of stuff is yet to be made, plus working so long in a game that had an initial forecast of a single year burned out both Sigrid and I. The frustration of starting all over again is something that is there, like a thorn.

Summer arrived and we felt that more than a good rest we needed an outlet for our creativity, avoiding to get stuck and stay fresh with new concepts, so we started to create GOTY from time to time outside work hours. After a while we realized that this pastime could become something more, so we decided to polish it. The game seemed fun to play and we decided to give it a chance on Kickstarter.

Why now? Because this project is a way to reflect our current experience as game developers and also address from a positive perspective the problems that happen frequently in game development, specially if you are an independent dev. We felt the need to see if we are still sharp with original concepts.

If the project has any success, we’ll promise all of you that it won’t have a negative impact regarding Paradise Lost. As far as GOTY goes, it’s an already-made project. Even with all the setbacks that have happened so far, we’ve given you constant info and material to back our words, and we’ll continue to do so month after month. PLFC is our beloved child and we are working hard on it to give you a playable sneak peak ASAP.

Release date and gameplay material

So far we were contrary to give you a certain release, because we know what is going to happen… give you a date and then have to delay the project, like most of Kickstarters out there. Our first priority is to finish the level editor and send to backers a preview build as soon as possible. From that point will be able to establish a realistic timetable, but expect a year from now.

Well, with all things said we present to you our new project:

GOTY the card game

GOTY the card game logo asthree worksGOTY the card game icons asthree works


GOTY is a tabletop game where you can experience the process of making video games, trying to avoid setbacks and bizarre situations like deleting work by mistake, losing a partner, receiving a lawsuit or even survive a flood in the studio.

GOTY the card game characters asthree works


Besides all of this, you have to create your project by completing the tasks of the different categories that take part of a game. In order to do so you must bring together the best professionals, collecting assets and gathering a set of abilities to take advantage over the rest of players.

GOTY box1 content asthree works

If you want to know more about the game and also help us bring it to life, you can check here the Kickstarter campaign. We hope that you like it and don’t forget to stay tuned for more info (but next time only Paradise Lost related) ;)

Thanks in advance for your support and understanding!