Art Explosion! Sketches and game notes

Hi everyone!

Today we brought you some sketches from the conception of Paradise Lost.

Art Concept Sketches Subject W Movements Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

Since the beginning we looked for a natural and organic design, running away from the typical humanoid alien. From that point, we had the need of create a simple character but with great pixel art animations.

To recognize it is a plant, we kept leafs above the core and gave it some stem members, similar to flexible roots but with a tentacle look so it could move with them.

Art Concept Sketches Subject W Skills Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game


About the skills, they take inspiration from the wild nature. Decoys are little seeds and Subject W uses them to reach certain areas; gas bombs are like a real toxic fungus that explodes and keep beasts away; and chestnuts gave us the idea for the shell.



We can’t say too much about the enemies, we don’t want to reveal the plot! They have similarities with Subject W but they use them in an aggressive and lethal way.

Art Concept Sketches Mecha Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

Also, at G.E.R. there will be genetic experiments with horrible consequences, patrol drones and soldiers with high-end technology to get Subject W at any cost.

We hope you love this pictures and motivate people to make fanart of  the game. You can send your drawings to

If we get enough art we’re going to put it on an update and select (if you like) one of them to use as a postcard in the physical edition!!! (And also send you a gift… but we can talk about this later, you can’t miss it!).

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