Animations & states + new alerts + robots!

Hey people, how is the summer going? We’ve been working on new enemies and actions aside from the scene and level editors (it seems that we aren’t going to have holidays in a while xD).

Want to take a look at some of the stuff we did?

New guard behaviors

Although the enemies are almost done and work without any apparent problems, we’ve created a pair of animations like new stand poses for the guard patrols. If you’re worried thinking how many time we have lost doing the new anims don’t panic, this set of actions are based on the static idle pose and some of them take frames from other sprites already made. We think that they provide more variety and dynamism to the characters, which in the end results in a more realistic aesthetic.

guard patrol distracted bored poses Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works


No escape

We’ve also added a new state to the guard’s AI.

Now if these enemies have you in their visual range while you escape through a vent/tunnel, they can throw a gas bomb that damages -and even kills- the plant.

Paradise lost First Contact gas bomb animation

It was relatively easy to run away from the guards escaping under the floor, but now the player will have to plan more carefully its movements in order to survive. This new element slightly increases the difficulty of the game and provide an extra component of strategy to the core mechanics.

Animation improvements

One of the things we couldn’t do before was to change the speed of any animation in the middle of it (Unity doesn’t allow this by default), so Carlos developed a practical script to set different frame rates, accelerating or decelerating certain ranges in the timeline. Here you can see the difference between unique timing and variable pacing.

 guard shoot same framerate Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

guard shoot different framerate Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

scientits wake up same framerate Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

scientist wake up different framerate Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works


Only certain stages of the main story included active alerts, setting these scenes into an emergency state. To expand the gameplay variables, we decided to add the emergency panels to more levels. The doctors can activate them when they discover the plant, alerting the facility and drawing the attention of other guards outside the stage (to prevent this you must knock them out before they reach the lever!).


scientist activate alarm Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works


Now that this gameplay element will be a constant during the game, we decided to improve the lighting effects of the scene when an alarm is activated. First of all, we slightly modified the upper front of the scenarios, including tileable red-light bulbs that focus the attention on certain spots.

The old alarm system simply applied a red layer that multiplied its hue with a fading effect.

old lighting laboratory alarm Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

With the new improvements, when a doctor pulls the emergency lever the room enters into a shutdown mode, deactivating all the electronic devices/main lights. Different layers reduce the overall luminosity (maintaining the background original tones) and the red spotlights show a volumetric and more realistic effect.

new lighting laboratory alarm Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

Bipedal observers

Since we’re always posting things about human enemies, for a change we bring you a sneak peek of the robots produced in the technological area of GER: the cervids.

cervid design concept pixel art robot Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

These prototypes have mechanical bodies that allows them to perform actions impossible for humans. For example: they see in 360 degrees -even when they walk during a patrol- so you must be careful when you sneak around them. They can also release electric whips within their torso, creating a lethal area of effect.

cervid robot concepts muscles wires attack details Paradise Lost First Contact game Asthree Works

We tried to design a less sci-fi/more realistic look, full of cables and exposed pieces. Most of the real-life robots avoid an anthropomorphic look, and their creators focus in the develop of more animalistic appearances like the Big Dog or Cheetah (both produced by Boston Dynamics).


These kind of physiologies allow them to walk through different terrains and achieve incredible stabilization and speed rates (and lets be clear, seeing a robot running like this to you will make you s*** yourself!).

We wanted to translate all this ideas into a human/animal hybrid look for our cervid models. Hope you like their design (and all the things we posted so far :D)