85k funded! Achievements for everyone + OUYA!

Yessss! Another goal reached! With this amount we can spend more time making new awesome challenges that gamers could resolve through the adventure. Think of them as enigmas, similar of the one’s from Batman: Arkham… you will have to break your brains to discover how to resolve specific situations. We’ll try our best to create difficult and entertaining achievements to expand the game experience of Paradise Lost.

So thank you all for your pledging, together we are making this game better and better!


Ouya Subject W Paradise Lost First Contact Asthree Works Game

Good news for Ouya owners! The console team contacted us and talked about the issue of porting PLFC to his platform. We think our game fits perfectly on it so we say to ourselves: “Why not? More people to enjoy the game!”

About the release date, this development will take more time for us and stays out of the first versions, but it’s a sure thing too  ;)

The way to select Ouya version is the same as Wii U, pledge on the $15 tier or above.